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Family Law


Family Law

Divorce / Separation

In law, a divorce is simply defined as the dissolution of a marriage. In common parlance, the word is used to describe the entire process associated with the breakdown of a marriage. Our lawyers have the skill and experience to handle all situations which can arise in a divorce case or a common-law separation. From simple divorces to complex support and property issues, we offer a range of options to help clients in a way most appropriate for them, and in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Custody and Access

These are the legal terms which describe the issues of where children will live, how much time they will spend with each parent, and who will make parenting decisions. Whether it be through negotiation or court, we assist parents to ensure that the issues of custody and access are resolved in a manner which best promotes their children’s best interests and maximizes the chances of successful parenting after the case is done.


Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative Family Law offers a way for spouses to resolve all of the legal issues arising from a separation in a non-adversarial setting. The process is based on the principles of good faith, full disclosure, co-operation, integrity, honesty and ethical professional standards. It allows people to avoid the increased hostility often caused by taking their case to court and instead focuses on working together to achieve a workable and fair settlement. Our lawyers have received advanced specialized training in Collaborative Family Law.



We recognize that not every case can be resolved through negotiation. Our lawyers have acted at all levels of court in Ontario and throughout the province. We apply a reasonable yet tenacious approach to each case in order to achieve the best possible results for our clients. 



Separation Agreements

The legal issues arising from a separation can be settled by a properly prepared and executed contract called a Separation Agreement. This replaces the need to go to Court. However straightforward or complex the issues, the final and binding nature of a Separation Agreement requires the parties entering into it to be fully advised of the nature and consequences of all of the terms agreed upon. Our lawyers can help you to consider all of the issues to ensure that the written document reflects your intentions and achieves the final settlement you are looking for.

Marriage Contracts and Cohabitation Agreements

A properly prepared Marriage Contract or Cohabitation Agreement can protect your assets and future income in the unfortunate event of a breakdown in the relationship or the death of a spouse. Especially for those who come into a relationship with assets, such a contract will be an integral part of your financial and estate planning. It is also often a delicate issue which needs to be handled with skill and care. Our lawyers will ensure that you have the best possible protection in a sensitive and empathetic manner.




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